The Neurowrap

The NeuroWrap and NeuroWrap Pulse are based on studies in the field of neuroscience that optimize the wellness and health of the brain. This simple, portable design ensures convenience wherever you go.
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The NeuroPulse Pro

The NeuroWrap and NeuroPulse Pro integrate state-of-the-art neurotechnology, drawing from groundbreaking research.

The NeuroWrap & NeuroPulse Pro are devices you'll look forward to using daily. For that extra edge, quicker calm, easier sleep or happier mood - at the touch of a button.


Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields

PEMF is short for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields. It is the application of magnetic fields of varying frequencies for therapeutic purposes. It uses magnetic energy to return your cells natural magnetic field to a state of wellness.

Our Best Sellers

The NeuroWrap

The NeuroWrap for mood and well-being with red light therapy. Inspired by recent studies conducted at leading institutions that focused on brain health. The Neurowrap uses wavelengths for optimizing brain function. The NeuroWrap Measures 25 inches long. Uses 810nm wavelengths via 144 LEDs. The 810nm wavelength is in combination with two frequency settings, 10Hz and 40Hz. Pulsed light therapy enhances therapeutic effects of red and near-infrared light treatments. 10Hz Setting: The light pulses 10 times per second. This frequency promotes relaxation, reduce stress, and enhances well-being. Additionally, it has effects on pain relief, wound healing, and tissue repair. 40Hz Setting: The light pulses 40 times per second. This higher frequency has the benefit of improving memory and focus. Also can reduce inflammation and promote cellular energy production. With our Neuro device we are gifting you the Brainhacking Ebook written by the founder of Nushape! The guide for a better brain using simple methods you can start today and feel immediately.


NeuroPulse PRO

Meet the NeuroPulse Pro, our latest innovation in wellness wraps. This is an upgrade from our previous NeuroPulse model. A game-changer in wellness, the Neuropulse Pro combines light therapy and PEMF. It's designed to help you unlock an optimal state of well-being right from the comfort of your home. The NeuroPulse Pro uses red and near-infrared light to enhance the health of your brain. Adding PEMF helps synchronize your brainwaves to states of calm, relaxation, or focus. Making it an excellent tool for those seeking to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and clear brain fog. The NeuroPulse Pro has adjustable PEMF settings tailored to address various symptoms. This wrap helps manage a range of challenges, including memory, fatigue, and anxiety. The NeuroPulse Pro is about brain wellness. It's designed to regulate sleep, and enhance concentration, memory, mood, and creativity. The NeuroPulse Pro offers three unique modes: Mode 1 (M1): Focuses on cognitive wellness, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 50Hz. This mode helps headaches, migraines, memory impairment, and brain fog. Mode 2 (M2): Targets how you feel, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 55Hz. M2 helps with insomnia, poor sleep quality, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Mode 3 (M3): Focuses on your physical comfort. Uses 10-40Hz RLT with wavelengths ranging from 630nm to 810nm. Improve your sleep, boost your mood, or your brain performance. The NeuroPulse Pro can be a tool in your wellness journey. As an added bonus, we're including a free copy of the "Brainhacking" Ebook written by the founder of Nushape. This guide introduces you to effective, simple methods for enhancing your brain health. Start your wellness journey with NeuroPulse Pro today!


Sauna Wrap Zero EMF

Nushape Sauna Wrap Zero EMF Welcome to a world where self-care meets innovation right in the comfort of your home! The Nushape Sauna Wrap is more than just relaxation; it's your ticket to a healthier, happier you. Whether you pair it with our Nushape Lipo Wrap or use it solo, it's a game-changer! Why The Sauna Wrap? Wondering why you should choose our Sauna Wrap? It's a powerful ally that benefits your body in multiple ways. Think of it as a mini spa at home that works wonders for your well-being inside and out! Burn Calories & Achieve Your Ideal Weight Get ready to torch approximately 600 calories per session! Our wrap gently raises your body temperature, causing your heart rate to climb and prompting a healthy sweat. This effort boosts your metabolism, helping you on your journey to a fitter you! Detox & Rejuvenate Your Skin Sweating is your body's natural detox mechanism. Our wrap aids in expelling toxins, leaving your skin glowing and vibrant. It's like a beauty treatment and a health boost rolled into one! Enhance Your Mood and Sleep Better Stressed out? Our wrap is here to help! It triggers the release of "happy hormones" called endorphins in your brain. These natural mood lifters promote relaxation and happiness. Plus, they can contribute to improved sleep quality! Relieve Pain & Relax Muscles Sore muscles and joint discomfort can be challenging. Fortunately, the heat from our wrap enhances blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. It's like a warm embrace for your body, alleviating discomfort and promoting relaxation. Boost Your Immunity Stay strong and resilient! Our Sauna Wrap can give your immune system a boost, helping you fend off illnesses and stay in top form. Additional Benefits But that's not all! Our wrap also aids in reducing cellulite, relieving joint stiffness, and promoting your overall well-being. It's a holistic package of goodness designed to enhance your quality of life! Conclusion The Nushape Sauna Wrap is more than just a wrap; it's a wellness companion. It's here to make you feel fantastic, look your best, and support your overall health. So, why wait? Dive into the world of wellness with Nushape! Please note that the Sauna a is not compatible with powerbanks and should not be used with them.


Sauna Wrap Insert

Our Sauna Wrap Insert will have you feeling like you brought the spa into your own home. This insert is specially designed to absorb sweat so that you can sit inside comfortably while relaxing in the Nushape Sauna Wrap. Made in 100% cotton, our insert feels amazing against your skin, removing the need for having to wear clothes for a more luxurious experience. The insert protects your skin from direct contact with the sauna wrap surface, which means it absorbs sweat and you no longer have to clean your sauna wrap after every use. The insert is lightweight and designed to fit inside the blanket. All you need to do is place it inside the sauna wrap before switching it on. When the sauna has preheated – just climb inside and relax! When you’re done, just gather the insert and toss in the laundry, it is machine washable and dries quickly. The major benefits of adding the insert to your Nushape collection is that it boosts your overall sauna wrap experience. It maximizes your comfort levels when relaxing inside your sauna wrap, and you no longer have to cover all your skin while enjoying your sauna wrap which adds another level of freedom. And, if you like the idea of not having to clean up the blanket every time it is used, an insert will take care of that as well - Less cleaning! Color: BlackMaterial: 100% CottonSize: 180 x 80 cm


Full Body Light Therapy Pad

Discover the Nushape Therapy Mat  Meet the Nushape Therapy Mat, your gateway to enhanced well-being. This revolutionary device harnesses the power of red light therapy to ease muscle discomfort, alleviate pain, and boost your vitality. It offers a natural and non-invasive way to improve both your physical and mental health. User-Friendly and Portable: Our Therapy Mat is thoughtfully designed for easy storage and portability. You can even place it on your bed for an exceptionally relaxing light session! Experience the Healing Light: With a power density of 37 joules per cm2, this mat's light penetrates deep into your skin. It promotes cellular repair, enhances circulation, and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it radiant and revitalized. It's like a healing touch that accelerates the recovery of scars, wounds, and nerve damage. Customizable and Powerful: The mat features two distinct types of light: 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light. The LED panel measures 63 x 27.5 inches and boasts 1408 high-powered LEDs. It offers three specialized programs for your well-being: a continuous light mode, a recovery mode for deep healing, and an energy mode to invigorate your senses. A Multitude of Benefits Await You: Experience a wide range of benefits, from pain relief, reduced inflammation, and skin rejuvenation to enhanced bone growth, youthful skin, and stimulated hair growth. It also bolsters your immune system, helps restore hormonal balance, and enhances cognitive function.  Elevate Your Wellness: Discover the transformative effects of the Nushape Therapy Mat. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling exceptional both inside and out. Bring the professional-grade red light therapy experience into the sanctuary of your home and step into a world of wellness and vitality! Please note that the Therapy Mat is not compatible with powerbanks and should not be used with them.


Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy utilizes low-power red light wavelengths that penetrate the skin without causing discomfort or heat. The light can be absorbed up to a depth of approximately eight to 10 millimeters.

Tested by Experts

We have been doing trials on ourselves and already have good consistent results noted with the Neuro Wrap. I actually recommended the Neuro Wrap the three patients yesterday. I’ve seen consistent benefits re: sleep and they’re all having that issue too.
I have two year old getting us up frequently at night - it helps me more readily ge back to sleep after such interruptions.

Dr. Eric Wood, Naturaphatic Physician

As a previous TBI patient, finding something that works quickly to regulate TBI symptoms of anger, loss of concentration and personality changes and has no side effects has been impossible. Then I found the Neuro Wrap. And sadly, I hit my head once again... but this time I used the red light therapy. One session reduced most symptoms... no reappearance of symptoms for over 2 weeks now. Highly recommend this tool for wellness!

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, M.S. Nutrition - Master in Herbology

I own a spa and have been using the Lipo belt. It's an enhancer for my radio frequency treatments and also for my cavitation. I've seen great results of around 4 to 5 inches removed on my clients. I also use the Neurowrap on my clients who express difficulties with sleeping, feeling unhappy or down, so results are so far incredible, after 3 sessions per week I can see improvements. Many felt a difference after 1 session, like improved sleep and feeling just better.

Andrea Hardy, Dietitian & Canada’s Gut Health Expert

We have been doing trials on ourselves and already have good consistent results noted with the Neuro Wrap. I actually recommended the Neuro Wrap the three patients yesterday. I’ve seen consistent benefits re: sleep and they’re all having that issue too. i have two year old getting us up frequently at night - it helps me more readily ge back to sleep after such interruptions.

Dr. Jonathan Levy, General Practitioner

I have been using the Neurowrap light therapy head wrap at the recommendation of neurologist after having tbi in auto accident. It was recommended to help repair brain tissue that was damaged. I was having severe issues including headaches, short term memory issues and confusion just to make a few of things that were going on with me. I have been using this for about 6 weeks now in addition to therapy I am doing in office and I am seeing wonderful results. My confusion is clearing, as well as the headaches ...

Dr. Melissa

Discover The NeuroPulse Pro

Customer Reviews

4.8 Stars

From 370 people

Stella Lilley
6 hours ago

I was skeptical about the Nushape Neurowrap at first, but I'm glad I gave it a try. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've noticed a real difference in my cognitive function. I'm able to focus better and for longer periods of time, and I'm also more creative. I also feel more relaxed and less stressed. I would definitely recommend the Nushape Neurowrap to anyone looking to improve their cognitive function

Magda J.
A day ago

I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality, and I'm also feeling more focused and energized during the day.I am glad I gave it a try. The NeuroWrap Pulse is easy to use, and it's comfortable to wear.

Jonne Eriksson
A week ago

I'm thrilled with the results of the Nushape NeuroWrap Pulse! It's made a big difference in my mood and anxiety levels, and I'm more creative and energetic than ever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.

Raissa Correia Barbosa
A week ago

I'm incredibly pleased with the outcomes. I've discovered that I can concentrate more effectively and for longer stretches of time. All day long, I also experience an increase in alertness and energy.

John L. Jones
A week ago

Several months ago, I bought the Nushape Neurowrap, and am extremely pleased with the outcomes. My ability to stay focused and attention has greatly improved. I heartily urge everyone to try the Nushape Neurowrap!

Jessica Charles

The year was 2015 and I was happily helping clients in my Santa Barbara Spa. So many of my clients would ask me for safer, alternative methods for lipo or plastic surgery to help them kickstart that 
life-change to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I started looking into how lightwaves work and the intricacies of how light therapy influences fat-loss and other bodily processes. Becoming completely enthralled with this unique approach to wellness and how it could help my clients, my interest grew to obsession and resulted in the phototherapy 
start-up, Nushape LLC. Originally Nushape was only offered in spas and doctors offices, but with our current collection we're happy to be delivering clinical strength light therapy directly at home.

Welcome and thanks for reading!