Frequently Asked Questions
about Red Light Therapy & Fat Loss

PEMF technologies have a very long, safe history of clinical use. They are non-invasive, non-toxic, and do not take that long. Experts estimate over 3,000,000 treatments have been given to patients since the late 1990s, with no side effects. 
1979: Non-union fractures.

1998: Urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.

2004: Cervical fusion surgery after care so non-fusion does not occur.

2006: Depression and anxiety.

2011: Brain cancer.

2015: The FDA changed the classification of PEMF devices from ones that only licensed medical doctors could use (Class 3) to ones that non-doctors and the public could use (Class 2). 
When you read the instructions on PEMF devices, they will state the frequency that is targeted in Hertz. 

There are always cautions with any type of device. With PEMF, if you have any of the following conditions, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely cannot use PEMF at all (unless listed as an absolute contraindication). Instead, it means that you should check with the company on the proper use of the PEMF device to then follow different protocols from the normal.
 • If you tend to be extremely irritable or anxious try the 3 Hz program.
 • If you have extreme pain try the 3 Hz program.
 • If you have medical implants it may be an absolute contraindication.
 • If you have PTSD avoid 23 Hz+
 • If you have seizure disorders avoid 23 Hz+
 • If you have tinnitus avoid 23 Hz+
 • Brain dementia
 • Alzheimer’s
 • Cognitive issues
 • Traumatic brain injury
 • Concussion
 • Multiple sclerosis
 • Seizures
 • Epilepsy
 • Sleep disorders
 • Smoking cessation
 • Paraplegia and spinal cord injury
 • Stroke rehabilitation
 • Psychiatric and neurological conditions.
Red Light Therapy uses an all-natural, therapeutic red light to power your cells and promote energy and healing. It does so in two main ways:

Increased ATP: Red light therapy helps to increase our bodies levels of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is necessary for energy production and is sometimes referred to as the “energy currency of life.”

Cell signaling: Different light wavelengths have different effects on the body. We know that UV rays have damaging effects because they are very strong but red light has a much lower and safer wavelength. As the safe light waves permeate the cells, the create a better oxidative environment which makes them better at synthesizing proteins, activating enzymes and regenerating cells.

When red light is focused on the head and the light waves on the brain, the rays are able to permeate the brain, promote blood flow, and release serotonin and endorphins. Studies have shown that an array of mental disorders ranging from schizophrenia to autism, depression and anxiety are caused by improper blood flow in the brain and may be remedied by activities that trigger blood flow.
Yes. The device does not negatively interact with any medication. However stay in touch with your doctor and check in as time progresses as it is possible to need less medication as treatment progresses.
PEMF and Photobiomudulation are safe, non-invasive and with no side effects.
Portability and comfort - you can really take and wear this device anywhere and everywhere comfortably. The newest edition - The NeuroWrap Pulse features 17 different programs. The NeuroWrap Pulse is easy to wear but it also carries the power of two devices in one with both PEMF and PBM therapy - for the world's most versatile neurotech yet. 
Yes. The warranty is one year. We also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.