There is a 30-day return policy for all our products. If you are unsatisfied with your red light therapy device, please return it to our warehouse within 30 days of delivery. Your return will be accepted if you send us the tracking information on day 30.

Delivery address:
Shipmonk PA1/ Nushape
285 Centerpoint Blvd
Pittston, PA, 18640

Contact email address for returns:

Please include your reason for return, indicated in an email to us or on a piece of paper inside the box. A refund will be made to your card within three business days. Please make ensure to send us your tracking number so we can track your return in case something happens with the mail and the package is not received at our warehouse - no refunds will be given for undelivered or missing returns, so please obtain tracking and delivery confirmation to confirm the return of your order and obtain a refund. Misplaced or lost returns will not be refunded and are the buyer's responsibility.

Please ensure you're within the policy requirements for a refund before returning your order. Returns that come back after the 30-day window, unless differently agreed upon, will not be refunded. In the case that you return your product after 30 days from delivery, we will hold onto your return for you at the warehouse for 30 days and can send it back to you as a courtesy if the return was made in error.

Custom-made merchandise, special orders, shipping fees for items purchased with express shipping direct from the factory, or shipping fees paid to reship an item that wasn't received by the customer on the initial delivery attempt and returned to sender due to an invalid address or because the package was abandoned, professional use machines and all products sold will not qualify for a refund.