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The NeuroWrap
The NeuroWrap for mood and well-being with red light therapy. Inspired by recent studies conducted at leading institutions that focused on brain health. The Neurowrap uses wavelengths for optimizing brain function. The NeuroWrap Measures 25 inches long. Uses 810nm wavelengths via...
NeuroPulse PRO
Meet the NeuroPulse Pro, our latest innovation in wellness wraps. This is an upgrade from our previous NeuroPulse model. A game-changer in wellness, the Neuropulse Pro combines light therapy and PEMF. It's designed to help you unlock an optimal state...
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Sauna Wrap Zero EMF
Nushape Sauna Wrap Zero EMF Welcome to a world where self-care meets innovation right in the comfort of your home! The Nushape Sauna Wrap is more than just relaxation; it's your ticket to a healthier, happier you. Whether you pair...
Sauna Wrap Insert
Our Sauna Wrap Insert will have you feeling like you brought the spa into your own home. This insert is specially designed to absorb sweat so that you can sit inside comfortably while relaxing in the Nushape Sauna Wrap. Made...
Full Body Light Therapy Pad
Discover the Nushape Therapy Mat  Meet the Nushape Therapy Mat, your gateway to enhanced well-being. This revolutionary device harnesses the power of red light therapy to ease muscle discomfort, alleviate pain, and boost your vitality. It offers a natural and...
Cleaning Kit
  This non-toxic solution comes in a 100 ml bottle that is poured into the larger 350 ml reusable bottle and mixed with filtered water to create the cleaning concentrate.   Let your Nushape wrap cool down before spraying the cleaning...
Body Brush
This Sisal and Nylon Bristle Brush is designed to improve circulation in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet, promoting blood flow while soothing the skin.  It is suitable for all skin types, as it is made with soft to...
A Neuro Hackers Guide
The easy-to-follow guide for a better brain using simple methods you can start today and feel immediately written by the founder of Nushape Jessica Charles. About 95% of neurological diseases are caused by the environment, and 5% are by genetics....
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The PEMF Handbook
The PEMF Handbook" by Jessica Charles: Unveil the Secrets of PEMF Therapy Embark on a journey to optimal health with "The PEMF Handbook," written by Jessica Charles, the visionary founder of Nushape. This enlightening eBook is your ultimate guide to...
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Light Medicine, The Guide
Receive a copy of our new eBook Light Medicine, The Guidefor a detailed look at why light therapy is booming in the world of wellness, and referencing dozens of peer reviewed scientific studies explaining how red light therapy affects the body....
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