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It seems unbelievable that a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) mat or PEMF coil could possibly help you in several ways to beat aging … but it’s true. 

Aging is something that is totally inevitable. As time rolls on, ‘things’ happen to you:

  •  You can’t seem to perform as well in athletics as you could at age 19.
  •  You get fatigued more easily.
  •  Your recovery time from injuries takes longer.
  •  Your balance seems off and you’re a bit wobbly while walking down stairs or down hills.
  •  Your bones start to get porous and the doctor tells you that you have low bone density.
  • Your joints seem to be wearing down and you’re facing a joint replacement. 
  • You seem to be more susceptible to infections.
  • You’re tired at night but can’t sleep or you sleep less than you should or want to.
  • You notice you are looking older. 
  • You are a bit irritable and don’t seem to be as happy as you were in the past.

But the fact of the matter is that all these things have one thing in common: the electromagnetic charge of your cells is out of balance.

Your Cells are Energy Generators

Your cells are the batteries for your body. They run on electrical charges that are sent through your nervous system. When a cell receives an electrical charge, it has the potential to boost the cell’s metabolism, regenerate blood cells, improve circulation and increase oxygen levels. It can activate your immune system cells so that they immediately become more potent at identifying and destroying bacteria and viruses that are meant to harm you. 

When your cells receive the right type of energy, your red blood cells keep the bloodstream flowing effortlessly so that cells can transfer and receive oxygen. Oxygen is the breath of life. 

But the electrical charge has to be a certain type of electrical charge. It has to have a certain type of frequency that matches your cells. If the frequency does not match your cells, it can harm you and even kill your cells. 

When your cells don’t get the right frequency, then aging occurs. 

History of PEMF

Over a decade ago, a type of electrical charge called pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) was developed. PEMF is not a new technology. What’s new about it is the devices that are now available for commercial use by doctors and clinics. 

PEMF technologies were developed in the 1930s with a diathermy machine that delivered heat into the tissue quite deeply without producing heat. By the late 1970s, PEMF was used successfully to treat fractures that wouldn’t heal in beagles and then in humans. 

Once the 1980s came along, PEMF devices were used as bone growth stimulators. And by the 1990s, inventors extended the capability of these devices by making them capable of treating joints, muscles and other soft tissue.

The science behind how PEMF devices worked was determined in the 1980s and 1990s although research still continues, showing what is affected on the genetic level. Basically, an active electromagnetic wave travels to an antenna to treat a particular tissue of an individual. The different types of devices vary according to the shape and strength of the waves emitted, the type and size of the antennas, and how low / how frequent the devices are used during treatment. 

The electric field strength of the PEMF device is determined by the pulse width and pulse frequency. For example, let’s say you have two devices: Device A, a non-targeted PEMF device with a 100msec pulse width and 1000 Hz pulse frequency, and Device B, a targeted PEMF device with a 2msec pulse width and 2 Hz pulse frequency. Device B would have an electric field strength 7 times greater than Device A. Device B is designed specifically to deliver energy to tissues and get signaling between cells revved up.

What Your Cells Need for Optimum Health

The cells in your body need a transmembrane potential of 70 to 90 millivolts to fully carry out metabolism and to move ions in and out actively. When this electric potential drops less than this, metabolism is impaired. The waste products can’t be pushed out into the lymphatic and blood vessels and nutrients can’t get inside the cell to feed the cell. This is when recovery can’t progress forward … but aging can.

How PEMF Works Inside Your Cells

PEMF uses electrical energy to direct magnetic pulses through injured tissues to stimulate them to repair themselves. The pulses provide enough energy that is high enough to make this happen. This pulsating magnetic field allows the cell membrane to bring in more oxygen and nutrients into the cell and move out the waste products so they cannot damage the cell anymore. It normalizes the cell membrane potential.

Scientists have discovered that calcium ions are bound to the protein calmodulin when PEMF is used. This stimulates an enzyme to release nitric oxide, which stops inflammation and stimulates one of the growth factors that create tissue regeneration. During the process, pain is decreased, swelling is lessened, and blood flow is increased. 

You can consume all the nutrients you need for your body to operate at a high level but if the millivolts in your cells are not correct, those nutrients can’t get into the cell.

PEMF has catapulted us into an era where you can sit or lie in a therapeutic electromagnetic field that will bring your cells into a state of perfect resonance. This strengthens the energy field of each cell, putting up an electromagnetic barrier against foreign invaders while charging the cell battery to a state of health. 

PEMF Has One Primary Goal for Your Body: To Repair and Regenerate Your Tissues

There are distinct effects that are documented from PEMF:

  1. Neurons in the nervous system fire.
  2. Circulation improves.
  3. Swelling or edema in the tissues improves. 
  4. Inflammation clears up.
  5. The cell’s energy level improves.
  6. Dopamine and nitric oxide levels are raised or lowered, depending on the PEMF device
  7. Increased calcium ion signaling occurs.
  8. Potassium ions move. 
  9. Healing is accelerated. 
  10. Muscles relax but their tone is enhanced.
  11. Joints have better ranges of motion.
  12. PEMF can increase the expression of heat shock proteins, which protect the cells from death under conditions of stress.
  13. Reduction of pain by 50% when PEMF was used 20 minutes every 4 hours after surgery and the use of half as many narcotic pain medications.
  14. Heals sacral ulcers with a 64% wound closure when 30 minute treatment given once daily for 30 days in paraplegic veterans
These effects translate to the following things you will see:
  1. Your skin looks better as it’s getting more circulation.
  2. You don’t look so puffy anymore because swelling / edema is lessened.
  3. Areas in your body that were inflamed are less inflamed.
  4. You have more energy. In studies, cells have up to 500 times more energy.
  5. You feel happier.
  6. You can visibly see healing occur within a week.
  7. Your posture improves.
  8. You move your body more freely. 
  9. You don’t react to stress as much.
  10. You have less pain.
  11. If you have bedsores or ulcers, they begin to heal.
  12. When you work out or participate in athletic events, you break your records.
  13. Your concentration ability is better.
  14. You sleep better at night since melatonin levels and growth hormone levels are increased.
  15. You find it easier to solve problems, as your brain’s alpha and beta waves are increased.
  16. You are restored from jet lag.
  17. Your circadian rhythms are regulated.
  18. Improved reading speed and comprehension
  19. Your eye-hand coordination improves.
  20. You are getting more “revelation” moments.
What’s an Effective Way to Get PEMF?

There are a few devices on the market now, but we're biased and partial to The NeuroWrap Pulse, our own soft and wearable head wrap (at least when it comes to brain health). Many people are familiar with PEMF mats, where an electrical current is run through a copper coil and creates a magnetic field. However we prefer the idea of being able to wear your device on the go and treat the brain from anywhere. 

How Safe is PEMF?

PEMF technologies have a very long, safe history of clinical use. They are non-invasive, non-toxic, and do not take that long. Experts estimate over 3,000,000 treatments have been given to patients since the late 1990s, with no side effects. 

PEMF has been approved by the FDA for different things over the years:

1979: non-union fractures
1998: urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation
2004: cervical fusion surgery after care so non-fusion does not occur
2006: depression and anxiety
2011: brain cancer

In 2015, the FDA changed the classification of PEMF devices from ones that only licensed medical doctors could use (Class 3) to ones that non-doctors and the public could use (Class 2). 

Who Should Not Use PEMF Mats or Devices?

When you read the instructions on PEMF devices, they will state the frequency that is targeted in Hertz. 

There are always cautions with any type of device. With PEMF, if you have any of the following conditions, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely cannot use PEMF at all (unless listed as an absolute contraindication). Instead, it means that you should check with the company on the proper use of the PEMF mat or device to then follow different protocols from the normal.

Here’s a list of the conditions:
  •  If you tend to be extremely irritable or anxious (You’ll need a 3 Hz program)
  •  If you have extreme pain (You’ll need a 3 Hz program)
  •  If you have medical implants (may be an absolute contraindication)
  •  If you have PTSD (avoid 23 Hz)
  •  If you have seizure disorders (avoid 23 Hz)
  •  If you have tinnitus (avoid 23 Hz)
Who Should Consider PEMF for Wellness?

Below is a list of conditions that may improve from PEMF mats or other devices:

  • Brain (dementia, Alzheimer’s, cognitive issues, traumatic brain injury, concussion, multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, sleep disorders, smoking cessation, paraplegia and spinal cord injury, stroke rehabilitation, psychiatric and neurological conditions)
  • Skeleton (back pain, disc disease, joint disease, arthritis, dental issues, osteoporosis, osteopenia, pain management)
  • Cancer (breast, brain)
  • Blood (clotting issues)
  • Heart (atrial fibrillation, heart conditions)
  • Mental health (depression, anxiety, bipolar, ptsd)
  • Diabetes (heart issues, peripheral neuropathy, healing issues, some blood sugar regulation)
  • Infections (Lyme disease, shingles)
  • Eyesight (Glaucoma)
  • Prostate (enlargement of the prostate) 
  • Urinary tract (incontinence and overactive bladder)
  • Athletes (sports injury recovery, improvement of performance)

Now that you understand a lot more about PEMF, you can check out more studies or simply purchase a NeuroWrap and then see what kind of positive effects you get from it. Keeping a log of what happens over time is the best way to truly see your results over time. 

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