Tackling Teen Anxiety - 5 Empowering Ways Light Therapy Can Help

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Navigating the teenage years of childhood has always been challenging. We can all remember those difficult years where social politics and future uncertainty begin to rule our lives. Fluctuating hormones, physical changes, rapid growth and puberty all contribute to mood imbalances at times. Once you add in the educational pressures of high school, you have a recipe for some incredibly intense teenage tension. 

In recent years, the growing online world has amplified stress and anxiety for young people even further. Teenagers are attempting to develop their personal identity within a digital cyberspace of social comparison. Follower numbers and ‘likes’ have become currency for popularity ranking. As a result, millions of teenagers have been left feeling inadequate and unsure of themselves.

So—what can we offer teenagers today in order to help them reduce their anxiety? We need effective approaches that offer respite from the stresses they face. Such resources are vital to their development and cognition. Perhaps you are a parent who is struggling to find connection or common ground within conversations with your teenage children. Or you may know of a young person you are concerned about. Whatever your cause, light therapy can be a powerful solution.

Light therapy is a supportive option to reduce anxiety for teenagers without the need for chemical medication or expensive specialist appointments. It works quickly and efficiently with impressive rates of success if used consistently over a specific period of conscious time. Wondering how it might work for you and the young people in your life? This guide is here to help!

Here are 5 inspiring ways that light therapy can powerfully help the teenagers in your life:

1) Deeper Relaxation. LED light products such as the Neuro Wrap offer the user relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression within a few weeks of use. There is scientific backing of these effects but further to this the actual activity is relaxing within itself. Any time spent away from typical daily stresses is beneficial to those suffering with chronic stress and anxiety. The meditative nature of taking time for light therapy is a welcome opportunity for a healthy pause away from external contributing stressors.

2) Neurological Response. Many studies have reported beneficial effects from the application of light therapy for the whole body, including the brain. Research shows that this form of therapy is associated with activating key glial cells, which are the elements that are responsible for clearing negative protein deposits on the brain along with enhancing cognitive processing. If you have struggled to find the right support from talking therapies and similar methods so far with your teenager, then light therapy at home could be the fresh approach you didn’t know you needed—and soon can’t live without!

3) Better Sleep. Sleep pattern makes up a large part of our overall sense of wellness. When we don’t rest as well as we should, our emotional reactivity becomes significantly heightened. Lack of sufficient sleep heavily contributes to increased anxiety and lesser-effective coping mechanisms also. The amount of time that many teenagers spend indoors (away from natural light) along with how many hours spent staring at smartphones can significantly negatively affect sleep quality. Consistent use of light therapy can support better nocturnal rest leading to improved wellbeing over time. The result? Calmer and more focused teenagers.

4) Personal Empowerment. Sometimes simply knowing that positive action is being taken to improve a situation of mental health battle is healing in itself. Consciously taking control of the situation by choosing to participate in light therapy can offer vital reassurance to an anxious teenager who might otherwise feel their chances of recovery and freedom might be limited. This sense of empowerment can be a helpful push towards a stronger, future direction.

5) Brain Boost. When specific LED light is applied to the skull area, it’s positive effects penetrate through to the brain directly. Just a few minutes of this kind of light exposure can decrease anxiety and depression. Increased blood flow and circulation in the frontal cortex contribute to these positive effects which can elevate mood and decrease stress ultimately. The method is pain free, which makes it a great option for even the most skeptical (or scathing) of teenagers!

Steering the complex journey of becoming an adult from childhood is certainly not one to be underestimated. Being a teenager is an emotionally challenging and physically demanding process of coming of age. Our young people are more aware than ever of the perceived ranking of their peers in terms of social and economic status. This can lead to them feeling unfulfilled and even worthless if the right support is not adequately put in place.

With the growing presence of online influence for us all, it’s never been more important to do whatever we can to boost the confidence and wellbeing of the teenagers we are fortunate to have in our lives. They may not always respond willingly—or even gratefully at times! But as they transition into adulthood, they will look back with appreciation at the opportunities they had to reduce their total stress; including the use of light therapy at home!

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